Hot spots

We see many skin problems here at Noosa District Animal Hospital. One of the most common issues we see is Moist Dermatitis, or 'Hot Spots'. Hot Spots occur when the weather outside is warm and humid. They are caused by a small amount of damage in the skin (a scratch or some inflammation), that allows the bacteria that naturally lives on the skin, to get through the skin barrier and create an infection. Hot Spots generally start as a small area of redness on the skin, and are often itchy, which facilitates their spread. They can quickly turn into large, painful, ulcerated wounds that can require sedation to clip, clean, and treat appropriately.

If you notice a Hot Spot on your pet, clipping the hair away from the area and cleaning in dilute betadine (1:20 with water). This is the best thing to do until you can get them to us at Noosa District Animal Hospital.

To prevent Hot Spots forming on your pet: 

  • Always ensure animals are dried thoroughly after swimming or playing in water 
  • Trim or clip long haired dogs 
  • Monitor your pets for any excessive scratching