Our Behaviour Consultations

The silly season is over for now, however many of our pets still have ongoing behavioural problems. Did you know that Noosa District Animal Hospital provides 45 minute behavioural consultations for you and your pet? 

Anxieties are one of the most common behavioural problems we see here, including separation anxiety and noise phobias. If required, each pet gets a full general health exam and blood work. From there, we can provide training techniques, behavioural adjustment techniques and, if needed, medications so that you and your pet can be living your best lives. We also have access to Veterinary Behavioural Specialists located in Brisbane for referral. Studies in people show that mental health has dramatic effects on wellbeing as well as physical health, and the same can be said for our pets. See a testimonial below from one of our successful behaviour cases:  
"Dr Giles has been assisting myself and my dog with behavioural therapy over the past 3 months.  It has been most helpful, and it is very apparent that Dr Giles has expertise second to none.  Specifically, I have been equipped with tools that are making big changes to the behaviour of my anxious dog.  This has empowered me to train my dog correctly.  I highly recommend Dr Giles to others that require assistance with difficult to manage dogs.  Dr Giles has gone over and above my expectations as a clinician and I feel without her assistance we may not have made such amazing progress and continue to have success." – Kat, pet parent to Kalea.