Resorptive Lesions

Feline resorptive lesions are a very common cause of oral pain in our feline friends. These lesions can be above or below the gum line. Resorptive lesions are caused when your cats body starts to break down and re-absorb their teeth. This results in tooth loss, with the missing teeth then replaced by bone. At this stage, we do not know why or what causes resorptive lesions. The interim phase of this disease is small-to-medium holes and lesions on the tooth's surface that are very painful and can lead to periodontal or jaw infection, progressing in size over time.

Some signs these may be occurring in your cat

  • smelly breath (halitosis)
  • reluctance to chew
  • drooling
  • pawing at the mouth
  • lethargy
  • head shyness (not wanting you to touch or handle them around their face/mouth).

We do not know what causes these lesions, but a large percentage of cats middle-aged and older, will have one or more if their dental health is not closely monitored. If the lesion sits above the gum line, it can be visualised as a red area on a tooth's surface. If the lesion is below the gum line, dental radiographs are the only way to diagnose them. These painful lesions are treated by extraction of the affected tooth/teeth.

If you are suspicious your cat may be affected, contact our friendly team for a free dental health check with a veterinarian to assess your cats oral hygiene.