Pet Supply Shop

We stock a wide variety of premium pet foods, toys, aids, and more.

Here are some of items we stock:

  • Tick and flea prevention medication, both tablets, spot-ons and rinses
  • Premium pet foods: Hills, Royal Canin and BARF frozen food
  • Bird: Roudy Bush and Vetafarm pellets, Wombaroo bird rearing mix(s) and supplements
  • Food supplements and chondroprotectants: 4-Cyte, Sashas Blend and milk supplements Di-Vetelact
  • Grooming equipment: Shampoos and conditioners, brushes and combs
  • Dental: Brushes and dog flavoured tooth paste, Greenies and chews, as well as tasty nibbles
  • Ear: Cleaners and washes
  • Cat: Feliway* diffusers and spray for those anxious cats
  • Leads and Collars - A selection for small and large including harnesses
  • Pet toys